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Purchasing Used 2018 Voltage 3005-prep question

Folks, new to the forum. In the process of purchasing a 2018 Dutchmen Voltage 3005 from the original owner. We've looked long and hard for a used toy hauler, preferably a Dutchmen, and I must say, almost all we looked at were not in good condition. We only went back to 2017 and, even then, they were not taken care of. This one, on the other hand, is immaculate. Again, original owner and is selling because they don't have the time to use it. I asked how many miles on it in his opinion and he said around 2K. Longest trip they made in it was 150 miles one-way and they estimated that they probably took 2-3 trips/year.

Having said all of that because of bad timing and the search taking much longer than we anticipated we're going to have to pretty much pick it up and leave on a 2,000 mile trip. Again, I would not normally do this but we have to make the trip for a family illness/surgery. If we had not found this when we did we were just going to rent.

I may have 1 day to check it out before the trip. If I can get it into an RV service shop I will to have the brakes, hubs, bearings, etc. checked out. My question is, if I cannot get in to a shop what can/should I do to do as best a safety check on it as possible before we go? If the A/C, stereo, oven, TV, water pump, etc. crap out on us along the way we'll survive (we did check all these things thoroughly before buying and everything checked out). What I'm most concerned about is road/towing safety - brakes not working; hubs failing, etc.

Any advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciate. Like I said, if at all possible I'm going to get it into a shop before we go but it may not work out. Thanks in advance.

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Purchasing Used 2018 Voltage 3005-prep question

If me I would take a good look at leaf springs and shackles, hydraulic stabilizers if it has them. Also a good look at all the tires, check the date code because a 2017 was likely manufactured in 2016 so you could be very close to 5 years old on the tires. Ask the seller what he kept the cold pressures at and if he doesnít respond right away at whatever the trailer sticker says for max towing capacity then assume he didnít.

I might even try to make an appointment to replace the tires with new ones regardless. I would feel much safer if I did so.

I would also thoroughly try the brakes with your rig. Make sure the trailer has stopping power to stop itself. Squeeze the brake controller at a stop and make sure it holds the trailer and truck still too. Not scientific but a good way to test brakes.

I would be less concerned with how many miles he trailered it than the overall condition. All the towing really wears on the highway is tires and brakes. Those can all easily be replaced.

Check the fuel caddy pump which is easy to do because you can just pump the fuel right back into the tank.

Run the slides in and out and watch and listen for noise or bumps. Do this on battery only as it will be a good way to check the battery condition as those too could be at the end of their life. I might even confirm the battery size and just bring two new ones with you and replace them now to be safe. I would suggest AGM as opposed to standard water filled lead acid as they tend to hold a charge longer although pricier bit much less than Lithium batteries which also could require a different converter than the stock one.

Ask the seller to have the fridge turned on the day before you get there and bring a thermometer to check the temps. There is no way you will be able to tell if it is adequately working by just turning it on when you get there snd if like mine it takes a good 8-10 hours to cool it down.

Check air and heat too.

And inspect the roof for damage and the ceiling for any indication of leaks.

I think those are the main things I would worry about. Most other issues are less costly.

Play dumb and have the seller show you everything. If he knows how to work everything and it does work then that is a good sign.

I would ask the seller to not have the AC hooked up when you get there. Ask to leave it unplugged the night before while he also runs the fridge on propane as that will let you get an even better feel for the batteries and fridge. Then plug it and listen for fan to come on with the converter and see that voltage looks good. Next run generator and check heat and A/C. Both units on full cold which will also load test the generator too.

Good luck.

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Thanks dsol. All very helpful information. Would you happen to know what kind of axles/brakes/hubs that 2018 Dutchmen Voltage 3005 might have? I have called around and there is nowhere to get it into have it serviced until mid-December at the earliest. If will check things myself but if I do find bearings, brakes or whatever that are not up to snuff just wondering what brand, etc. I need to be looking for r.e. parts. Tried calling Dutchmen directly but they are closed.

Thanks again.
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Probably bearings would be ok. I would most definitely put new tires on. Because of age. Every flat I had the tire tread looked nearly new. But when they blow it causes at of damage to the rv. Good luck
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The reply from the last person mentioning check suspension is right on. Make sure your leaf springs still have an arc and not flat. Also axles should have a slight bow. Check fatigue cracks around leaf spring holders. If these items fail on the highway, it could be terminal. Failures inside the trailer can be easily repaired or replaced.
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Stock tires are cheapos, replace if you can, regardless of miles. House batteries should be tested. With the small amount of use and they used it on the flats (not mountains) your axles and brakes are most likely fine. The stock Dexter axles are not a bad product. As someone suggested once hooked up manually give your brake controller a squeeze and see if the braking force is workable, if not adjust them and try again.
Run the genny, operate the slides, heater, AC, refer, stove, water pump and leveling jacks.

We have a 2013 Voltage 3950 with 40,000 miles on it and have minimal issues.
But no matter the condition you will some issues so try to get the manuals and bring some simple hand tools and volt meter.

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