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Swaying Problems Kodiak 300BHSL

Hello all! I am new to this forum, and would like to reach out for some input.

We pull a 2013 Kodiak 300BHSL (Beauty trailer) but the sway over our last trailer is really bad. I pull this trailer with a 2012 F150 Ecoboost with towing package. I have 2 sway bars installed on the trailer as well as weight distribution bars.

Question: My truck comes with built in sway control in the driver assist menu. Should this be "on" or "off" while pulling? I have tried both and the sway is "scary."

Any help would really be appreciated! Thank you Fellow Campers.

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It should be ON when towing. Excessive sway is usually an indication of incorrect loading. Others on this forum have better experience than I regarding what you may have to do.

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wheels i heard before
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dang.. where did my post disappear to???
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We have the same model...had the same issue with ours, the hitch was not installed correctly.. We also had issues with the 2013 1500 dodge ram laramie longhorn we just purchased about 2 months before we did the kodiak. It was too light to haul such a larger TT, so unfortunately, we had to take a loss and trade for a ford 250 super duty..now we have the power and weight to carry that TT. So you may want to check your weight capacity and your hitch hook up
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I have the same trailer and truck (f150 max tow package). I had to play with lowering the ball and angle of the ball, that being said I can move along at 90 95km fairly stable. put your truck tires to max psi
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Old 07-09-2013, 03:17 PM   #8
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Did you ever get this worked out?

how level is your trailer when towing? If the rear axle is carrying more weight, it is more likely to sway. This is related to tongue/ball height as mention or loading, as mentioned. I would look at hose options first.
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Old 07-12-2013, 10:21 PM   #9
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How you guys are towing 300bhsl with half ton truck? It's too late for me now as I already bought a 2013 Ram 2500 (early May 13). I extensively debated and searched but I couldn't find anyone doing it already. looks like there are at least couple now.

Is sway issue fixed? The consensuses I got from the research was that a long trailer like 300BHSL is simply too long for a half ton, it may not sway under normal circumstance but during unexpected maneuvering situation or a gust of side wind, there is not enough mess on the tow vehicle to control the trailer. I chickened out and bought 3/4 ton instead. 1/2 ton ecoboost or new ram 1500 with air suspension was really tempting for like $10K less...

btw, I initially pulled it with 08 F-350 dually last year which pulled it like there is nothing behind and I didn't even bother to put a WD hitch or sway bar and I loaded up the bed with all kinds of toys but sold it thinking I could downgrade to half ton as I had to drive the truck every day and 10mpg was painful.
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Old 07-15-2013, 02:23 AM   #10
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I pulled my Denali BH311 with a 1500 initially, but after 5-6 trips and a few longer trips coming up I switched to a Ram 2500 and the Equalizer Hitch, 14,000lbs version. I can honestly say my 35'7" trailer never sways anymore, or I should say, never sways enough for me to notice and for it to affect drivability. I think when pulling this size of a trailer, a heavy duty truck is a must!

I recently drove from Ontario to Maine going by the 302 and it was a treat, the truck hate up the huge hills and then back down like a champ using engine braking!

Being guilty of this in the past... pulling such a trailer with a 1500 puts you at the limit of its capacities and its down right dangerous... I am all for the 80% rule now!
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I have the 300 bhsl and towed with a chevy 1500 and found loading the trailer was critical. I usually put heavy items in the front of the camper and had no problems. I towed on I-75 through KY, TN and GA with this set up. I figured this out after filling the freshwater tank which is in the rear of the trailer and seemed to have more sway issues. Traveling with little fresh water helped reduce sway. With the waste tanks in the front and the fresh tank in the rear, they can be used to adjust tongue weight, provided you have the capacity to tow a few hundred extra pounds of water.
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Hello Everyone! First of all, thank you to everyone for their input! In the last few weeks I test drove a 2013 F250 Diesel, but my Wife would not go along with it and said she will not ride in a school bus! I was not pleased to say the least... Now that I am over that, we switched from our 2012 F150 Ecoboost XTR to a 2013 F150 Ecoboost, Lariat model. We have towed several times on 80 KLM highways and all seems to be fine. I learned a few things from our old trailer and weight is critical. I simply didn't have enough weight on the truck to help prevent sway. The dealership had the WD bars cranked too high. I let one less link on and pumped up the truck tires by an extra 5 lbs. We are going on a 4 hour trek this week on 400 series highways so I will let everyone know how it went! Love our trailer... But also love the F250 which is next on the list! :=)
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I second that F250 vote! We tow our 300BHSL with a 2010 crew cab diesel. Set up with a Reese SC weight distribution hitch, we get very little sway.
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I have a Kodiak 276BHSL that I used to tow with a 2012 Ram 1500 Limited crew cab,loved the truck but even with tire pressures set to max and an equalizer 4 hitch it never really felt stable. Took the hit and went up to a 2013 Ram 2500 Laramie crew cab with the 6.7 Cummins and the whole package just works better. Plus I can always grow with the 2500,I felt I was pushing safety with the 1500.

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